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Custom Synthesis

Global Chemsources represents a number of clients who offer production capacity and technological skills to carry out contract manufacturing of sophisticated organic chemical products on a custom basis. Included in our clients’ strengths are the following offerings:

Core Competency Reagent / Process Strength
Acetylene Chemistry Low temperature in liquid Ammonia
Acetylation Acetic Anhydride / Acetic Acid
Azidation Sodium Azide
Bromination Bromine, Brominating Agent & Catalyst.
Chloro Sulphonation Chloro Sulfonic Acid, Oleum at various temperature
Chlorination With Reagents SO2Cl2, PCl3, PCl5, Chlorine with AlCl3
Cyclisation With Light Paraffin Oil at 250oC
Cyano Ethylation With Acetonitrile at around 100oC
Cyanation Sodium Cyanide / HCN
Claisen Condensation On Benzaldehyde
Diazotization NaNO2 / Nitrosyl Sulphuric Acid / Isobutyl Nitrile.
Dicarboxylation Dilute Caustic at High Temperature and Pressure.
Ethoxylation Ethylene Oxide at temperature 40 to 100 Deg C
Ethylation Bromide with Diethyl Sulphate.
Methylation Methyl Chloride; Bromide with Dimethyl Sulphate
Chloromethylation Bromide with Chloromethylation Compounds
Fractionation Separation of various Isomers at wide temperature range.
Formylation POCl3 and DMF
Grignard With Magnesium Compounds
Hydrolysis Caustic High Pressure
Lithiation N-Butyl Lithium/ Lithium-di-isopropylamide / Lithium Metal
Nitration Fuming HNO3, NaNO2 as well as HNO3 in Acetic Acid and Sulfuric Acid.
Oxidation Hydrogen Peroxide/ Potassium Permanganese , Nitric Acid/ Sulphuric Acid.
PhoSgenation Phosgene, Methyl Chloro Formate & Ethyl Chloroformate.
Resolution R-(+)-PEA, D-Camphor Sulphonic Aicd, S-(+)-PEA
Reduction Acidic with Fe & Zn Alkaline with Catalytic Catalytic Hydrogenation.
Stereo Specific Reaction Sodium Borohydride. MDEB, Vitride.
Specialised condensation Reaction STBO/ KTB/Sodium Ethoxide/ Sodium Metal.
Thio Alkylation Mercaptide Solutions.
Thiolation Hypexanthine / CS2