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(CAS No.: hemihydrate 6001-64-5; anhydrous 57-15-8) is a widely used, very effective preservative in many injectable, eye drops, cosmetic and mouth wash preparations. Typically it is used in 0.5 percent concentration where its antibacterial and antifungal properties lend long term stability to multi-ingredient formulations. CHLOROBUTANOL NF/USP appears in the pharmacopeias of China, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, Hungary, India, Norway, and Yugoslavia as the hemi-hydrate and in Brazil, Mexico and the U.S. in both the anhydrous and hemi-hydrate form. Australia, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, and Switzerland have separate monographs for the anhydrous and hemi-hydrate (up to 6 percent water) forms. Turkey’s pharmacopoeia has only the anhydrous form.

Global Chemsources, Inc. is the exclusive representative in the United States and Canada for Athenstaedt, Gmbh (Munich, Germany), a globally recognized supplier of the finest quality CHLOROBUTANOL NF/USP available. Athenstaedt supplies both the hemi-hydrate form used in applications where the presence of water is not an issue and anhydrous CHLOROBUTANOL NF/USP for those applications where the presence of moisture cannot be tolerated.

All the CHLOROBUTANOL NF/USP supplied by Global Chemsources also meets the following standards—PH.EUR., BP.,and JP.. It is manufactured in a plant recertified in December 2002 as both EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 compliant. The plant has been certified by local authority as "operating under strict c-GMP conditions"

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Reference to chlorobutanol in the National Library of Medicine can be found at

and its reference in The Japanese Pharamacopeia (English Version) is at